The Event

The Doha Trade Fair 2013 - Qatar's biggest shopping carnival of the year - to open its doors to the public, the 26 of June at 11 am in a grand ceremony at the Doha Exhibitions Center. The DTF is one of the region's prime trade shows will feature over 580 renowned exhibitors from 29 countries, showcasing and selling a wide range of products varying from household items; toys, gadgets and electronics; perfume and cosmetics; to clothes and food.


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This service is applicable for exhibitors with a confirmed booking in Doha trade fair 2013. We offer POS machine for each exhibitor during Doha trade fair 2013, all national and international credit card are accepted, the bank comission is 5% of the total transactions.

Doha, Global City, Global Hub



With its Manhattan-style skyline and bustling ports, Doha now attracts more tourists and business man. The Doha experience world-class events, shopping malls, iconic architecture and cosmopolitan lifestyle is a true reflection of internationalism.

Opening Ceremony



VIPs representing several embassy's in Qatar attended the Opening Ceremony of Qatar's largest shopping festival the 11 day Doha Trade Fair 2013 organized by the Qatar Tourism Authority in association with Maraya Public Relation at the Doha Exhibition Center on Wednesday 26 of June 2013 at 11.00 AM.







This year's main highlight is an Entertainment Tent that will stage live shows and music performances in addition to offering a small kids area and two restaurants that will offer visitors an authentic taste of traditional Qatari fare.

As adults get busy in haggling and decision making, kids will have plenty to keep them occupied thanks to a separate 3,000 sqm area featuring inflatables, face painting, a family of mascots, and a parade. The parade will perform four shows daily starting from 2pm.





Maraya Public Relations

Established in 1985 Maraya Public Relations is one of the biggest public relations company in Qatar, especially in Exhibitions Organizing and Event management. MPR experience was gained from the several exhibitions organized over years. MPR have a specific staff to manage all kind of Exhibitions and Events, along with exhibitions and studies plans.


Qatar Tourism Authority

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA): Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA)'s role is to organize, enable, and supervise the tourism industry development in Qatar, as well as to represent and promote Qatar as a quality tourism destination for leisure, business, education, and sport. Qatar tourism authority gets actively involved in organizing events and promotions which positively reflect on the general image of Qatar as an evolving tourism destination.

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26/06 to 6/07/2013

Doha Exhibition Center

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Exposed Products


Summer Doha trade fair 2013 will be curated based on product profile and not on country pavilion basis. The sections will include: Household: furniture, lighting designs, home d├ęcor, embroideries, candles, bed sheets, duvet covers and more, Toys.

Huge selection of:

bags,shoes,jewelry,cosmetics, perfumes,furniture, household wares, readymade garments, textiles,wedding dresses, herbal products, carpets, gift items.Childrens toys, computer and electronic gadgets, gift items and souvenirs, accessories Perfume and Cosmetics: perfumes, make up, creams, beauty products, soaps Clothes and Apparels: clothes, children s clothes, bags, shoes, accessories.